27 Aralık 2011 Salı

Our descriptive video -Simple Present Perfect Tense

     Hey! Did you watch our descriptive video??? Buket Çam and I tried to make a video which is about simple present perfect tense. Firstly, our aim was teaching present perfect tense inductively. So, we start with a story which includes present perfect and also simple past tense. We thought that the students can see the difference when we use simple past or present perfect. The story is about how two friends, Pete and John, met 5 years ago. The history of their friendship starts at the school bus and their first conversation is about a girl. The topic of the conversation is very common among the teenagers as Pete and John is at 9th grade. The students might find the topic interesting and it would easily capture their attention. At the end of the video, we also gave 2 usage of simple present perfect tense. Some students may feel more comfortable when they see the 'rule' of the grammar point.
     So, how can we use this video in our classes?? Buket and I have some suggestions about how to use the video. You can show the video to the class without the sound and want students to guess who the boys and the girl are; where they are going; what will happen at the end of the story etc. Then, you may turn on the sound and confirm their guesses. Moreover, you can ask some comprehension questions about the video to check their understanding and also at the same time they will practice simple present perfect tense implicitly. Although at the end of the video, there are some descriptions that tell when to use simple present perfect tense. This will also help the students to reinforce their learning of present perfect tense.
      We hope you will enjoy our video and we want to see your comments about our video:)

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  1. Great work guys! I like your suggestions for teachers to use this in class. Do you have the 'script' for the video? I was thinking that it would be useful to have that as a reference. Some teachers might like to do a gap fill, etc. or use it in a HotPot activity.

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  3. Also...would you mind listing the key comprehension questions you think would be most useful for a teacher to ask? For busy teachers, it would be nice to just have a quick list (with answers, of course) to get the ball rolling.

  4. This video is the first example of CTE319 group projects.As I told you before it is very nice! Your team set an example for the rest of us.Thank you!