5 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

About Twitter

I have created a twitter account for the first time in this course. I was thinking that twitter is a site that people just share their thoughts about their own life and I was thinking that this is very silly because I don't interest in what they do in their daily life, where they go or what they are thinking about the world. However, in CTE319 I realized that we can learn what is going on around the world and we can read the ideas of "real persons" who are important in their profession. We can also share our thoughts about education and use it for the benefit of our teaching and learning life. I haven't write anything on my twitter account yet but I think, we can learn how to use  it efficiently during this semester. Acctually, I don't know much about twitter and how to use it. It sounds good to follow successful persons' ideas and learn new things from them.

About Blogger

I haven't use blogger before. Some of my friends used to write blogs but I wasn't interested in writing blogs before. Moreover, I have never thought that I could use blog for teaching a language. However, after the course CTE319, I started to think about the benefits of writing blogs and I must say that blogs can be very useful in teaching. First of all, we as a teacher should decide whether the students would be able to use computer and also whether they have internet access. If we could provide the fundamental circumtances for the students, we should try to catch the latest technology and use it just like we do in this course like writing blogs. Blogs provide an area for students and for teachers where everyone can easily reflect their thoughts and share useful information for their education life. In the class, the teacher may not have enough time to interact with each and every student one by one. However, if the students write their ideas and responses about the course on their blogs, the teacher would easily know the students problems, knowledge and ideas about the course. Also, the students (mostly teenagers) would find writing blogs more enjoyable as they are very interested in computers and internet. I think, rather than writing on a piece of paper and just share it with the teacher, the students would prefer to share his/her ideas, problems or useful sites/articles/links with the whole class by posting it to the blog. For instance, I as a student found blogger very progressive that I can see what my classmates write and what they are thinking about the subject. Furthermore, I can write comments on their blogs which creates a free area for us to share our own thoughts and belief. In short, I loved the blogger and as I learn more about using blogger, I belive, I would use it more and more efficiently.