5 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

About Twitter

I have created a twitter account for the first time in this course. I was thinking that twitter is a site that people just share their thoughts about their own life and I was thinking that this is very silly because I don't interest in what they do in their daily life, where they go or what they are thinking about the world. However, in CTE319 I realized that we can learn what is going on around the world and we can read the ideas of "real persons" who are important in their profession. We can also share our thoughts about education and use it for the benefit of our teaching and learning life. I haven't write anything on my twitter account yet but I think, we can learn how to use  it efficiently during this semester. Acctually, I don't know much about twitter and how to use it. It sounds good to follow successful persons' ideas and learn new things from them.

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  1. You've got the essence of TWITTER...it's all about following people that interest you. It took me several tries and false starts before I started to realize the benefits of TWEETING for my own professional development. I'm still struggling to see how best to use it in teaching, especially in a language context. I'm teaching four sections of ENG311 this year, and my correspondence with students is mostly through EDMODO and email at the moment. Since this is my first time teaching the course, I'm not sure I want to experiment with TWITTER right now. Most students have FACEBOOK and very few have TWITTER, so it would take some time to get everyone comfortable. However, I might try it as an optional way for students to contact me. I'll let you know....it will be interesting to see if you find TWITTER useful in your studies at METU, and whether this will help you see ways that you can use it with your students when you are a teacher. :)

  2. I think, people do not prefer twitter because it looks like just sharing personal, private thoughts about daily life. but, if we use it for a serious purpose just like we for our course, people would start to use it in a beneficial way. unfortunately, I think most of the students of ENG311 won't try to connect via twitter:(however, ı can say that ı have changed my mind about twitter after our meeting for CTE319:) ıf we really use it for learning and sharing new information, twitter will become crucial.

  3. It is sometimes a matter of getting used to something. When I first sent an SMS I was quite amazed how I could send a simple text message to another telephone. Nowadays, young people send 2 or 3 thousand SMS messages every month! I'm not sure if TWITTER will have a long life in our cyberworld, but it has started to become part of the fabric of everyday communication. So, as teachers we should at least be aware of it, and how to use it. Then it will be up to our imagination to figure out if we can use it as part of teaching practice. :)